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Illustration from the Internationally Acclaimed, Award Winning Book Tug of War - Peace Through Understanding Conflict

“Showing how political cartoons can condition one to think of people as subhuman and therefore as a threat needing to be exterminated”

“Helps young people deal with conflict and violence by describing practical skills for peace." - Holistic Education Review

Resources – Understanding the Roots of Prejudice – From the Playground to the Battlefield – Individually and Socially – An Overview

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the importance of appropriate resources

In order bring about an understanding of conflict created by prejudice – biologically based conditioned thinking – one has to have the resources that give parents, teachers and young people the ability to intellectually and realistically grasp what these roots of conflict are. Therefore these resources must be able to address this need in a holistic and integrated way. This means to be able to look at conflict, at violence, as it is without any glorification of it or by resisting it by promoting idealistic sentimentalized views of “peace”. What we generally have in regards to “peace educating books” and curricula to “teach peace” are idealistic, romanized versions of what we think peaceful behavior should be. Or on the other hand we glorify violence by promoting books, comic books, video games and movies that encourage violence as a heroic cultural ideal, one that is regarded as patriotic and noble. Rarely do we promote resources for parents, teachers and young people that look directly at violence without any judgment.

The Youth Peace Literacy internationally acclaimed, award winning books help liberate children from the conditioned, divisive thinking at the root of conflict, bullying, racism and war. Using stories, activities, games, role-playing, and colorful and thought-provoking illustrations, these books help young people aged 8 to 15 learn practical skills for solving problems without violence. These books don't talk down to children; instead, they teach children how to examine their own conditioning and be free of it. They encourage young people to think for themselves – they don’t moralize or patronize. Instead they help young people to inquire, to gain insight into the roots of conflict and by so doing being able to end it within them selves in the way they have been conditioned to think.

Special Thanks to Adryan Russ, our exceptionally gifted editor, who has assisted us in creatively crafting our programs for over the past twenty five years.  We thank you and the children and their parents and teachers thank you.
Special thanks to Rod Cameron who through his extraordinary artistic talents gave our children’s books the spirit of visually seeing what the book was talking about therefore helping bring about through their eyes the heart and soul of the message.


Selected by the International Association of Educators for World Peace for their Central American peace education project in Panama and El Salvador

Acclaimed at the Soviet Peace Fund Conference in Moscow and published in Russia by Moscow's Library of Foreign Literature and Magistr Publications