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Illustration from the Internationally Acclaimed, Award Winning Book Operation Warhawks – How Young People Become Warriors
The Youth Peace Literacy resources on this web page were created by generous donations from forward-thinking foundations thus we felt that donating these resources free was in line with the spirit of giving established by these funding sources. All the books in our Youth Peace Library are available under RESOURCES. If you are interested in our curriculum and training programs please CONTACT us.

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Conflict Education Specialist and Behavioral Coach

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Youth Peace Literacy mission statement

The purpose of Youth Peace Literacy is twofold: to provide free online access to its award-winning, internationally acclaimed peace-educating books which help young people worldwide to understand and alleviate the fundamental source of human conflict – psychological conditioned thinking created by the primitive biological brain – and to also offer supplemental regional and online training certification courses that provide teachers with our peace educating curriculum. Together the books and training programs address this vital concern of conditioned thinking within the relevant context of the bully/victim cycle - from the playground to the battlefield.

To clarify how conditioned thinking emanating from the biological brain creates conflict, the BioCognetic Education™ program was created to understand how it impacts the human brain mentally, emotionally, and physically.

This pioneering field of study is a radically innovative approach in understanding the primary nature and structure of human conflict. It is based on the initial insights of quantum physicist Dr. David Bohm, educational philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti and authors Aldous Huxley and George Orwell who have addressed the urgent and critical need to understand conditioned thinking that is at the root of individual and social conflict. This concern has been effectively demonstrated in Liberia with children of war as seen below.

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Brave New Child Book Cover

brave new child:

Liberating the children of liberia and the world

One courageous teacher and twenty children of war are changing the world - one Lesson at a time.

“Many theories have been put forward as causes of the Liberian civil war, including unemployment, abuse of human rights, political patronage, illiteracy, lack of development and tribalism. While it is true that all of these factors may have contributed, the heart of the Liberian conflict—and the fundamental cause of human conflict—is psychological conditioning." - From the book

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