Teacher Training

Teach kids to safely resolve bullying & conflict.

The MAP STARS online course is perfect for teachers, parents, camp counsellors, after-school programs, workshops, and anyone concerned about bullying and conflict education.

Includes MAP STARS physical moves that address the fight or flight reaction when dealing with a bully. You do not need to be a martial artist to teach these simple movements. This interactive action based class is popular with children.

It’s designed to be easy, organized, and efficient so that you can start helping kids deal with bullying and conflict right away!

“When young people gain confidence through the MAP STARS physical skills to face a bully, they will then be able to use the valuable mental skills they learn in this course to get out of the conflict. They access their intelligence instead of their fearful fight or flight instinct. 

In all my travels teaching I always wanted every parent to be able to help their children in this way. I saw that without physical confidence, children didn’t have all the skills they needed to deal with the bully.”

Jean Webster-Doyle, Director of MAP STARS

The program includes:

  • Created-for-you lessons to make sure you’re covering everything.
  • Downloadable curriculums to keep you on-track while teaching.
  • 20+ videos showing you how roleplays, Martial Arts for Peace physical moves and other interactive activities work.
  • Detailed instructions for every lesson, roleplay, and activity.
  • Support from our instructors.