Career Opportunities

Our programs, including MAP STARS online training, offer lessons that you can use to expand your career and extra-curricular activities to help youth.

Teach character development and conflict education skills to youth.

You can help young people:

  • Learn how to resolve conflict peacefully
  • Develop excellent character- development skills
  • Reduce stress by providing positive outlets
  • Understand the importance of healthy living
  • Train in a safe environment to protect themselves
  • Learn a comprehensive Life Skills Program
  • Recognize the value of community service
  • Improve academic performance

Why is it important to have a quality character development program for young people?

In our fast pace, high stress competitive world young people need a safe place where they can have the leisure to explore themselves and the world around them.

The intent of conventional education is to teach academic skills to prepare young people vocationally.

But young people also need a host of day-to-day life skills other than academics to be able to successfully cope with the challenges of living.

In an atmosphere of friendship young people need to be allowed to inquire into the essential questions of what it means to live with intelligence, to create healthy guidelines for their behavior and to be able to understand and resolve conflict peacefully.

How is the YPL Life Skills Program different from other programs?

The YPL (Youth Peace Literacy) Life Skills Program focuses on the prevention of conflict in understanding what the root causes are in conditioned thinking.

For one thing this program differs from other conflict education/bullying programs is that it is a complete program that teaches young people how to prevent, resolve and manage conflict whereas most conflict education/bullying program focus superficially on the tertiary or management level after a conflict has already occurred.

What occupations would benefit using the YPL (Youth Peace Literacy) Life Skills Program?

After School Programs

Work in a setting that provides young people with conflict education/character development life skills after school. This could come under a YPL Life Skills Program outreach program.

Community Centers

One could initiate and run a number of these programs in this type of facility. In this way one doesn’t need the financial or marketing skills necessary to operate the program as they would if one opened for example, an independent facility of their own. For some people this is a better option in that they have less responsibility in the administration of the program and therefore will have more time available to teach.

Workshop Presenter/Trainer

There is a career opportunity in being a Workshop Presenter/Trainer where one is paid to present this program to educators, counselors, school administrators, law enforcement, business personnel and the like who are interested in implementing these skills into their occupational environments.

Summer Camp Director/Employee

Summer time is an especially good occasion to do this program for parents are looking for a comprehensive program that can be taught each day over an extended period of time. This affords one the luxury to go into depth into the more complex issues of conflict education and character development in a cohesive developmental process with little interruption of the learning process. This allows for a better retention for the young person’s natural educational progression.

At Risk Youth

The Atrium Society’s special bullying program has been used with youth at risk nationally and internationally with much success. The program is specially designed to more accurately meets the needs of these special youth. It includes teaching specific child safe mental and physical skills, within a safe and controlled environment, to educate young people in the awareness, resolution, and management of conflict through nonviolent means so they can experience a reduction in emotional and physical impulsivity.

The fundamental intent of this program is to stop conflict at the primary prevention level but also at the secondary and tertiary level, and to learn from youth who are at risk as well as identified as problematic behaviorally.

Children of War

The Education for Peace Life Skills Program has been used successfully with over 5000 Liberian children of war since 2003. The first one used for these war torn children in Liberia by Dr. Marvin Davis is Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Us? Understanding the Roots of Prejudice, which generated the internationally claimed book Brave New Child – Liberating the Children of Liberia and the World.

Interested in this training?

Please join our online training program or download our resources.

Please note: all the components of the programs are taught in a multilevel context of role-playing, games, and other educational activities that developmentally enhances the child’s ability to learn the information in a multifaceted manner

The proper amount of time needs to be given to teach the components of the program. The minimum amount of time per week should be 2 hours. However, it is better to have more time, so the program is best taught during a holiday or summer time.

It is essential that a continuity be developed consistently over time for young people to grasp the essential insights in the program.