Prejudice Education Resources

Teaching young people about prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination, and other social injustices can be daunting.

These resources help students understand prejudice and what causes it. Students (and teachers) learn to recognize their own (often unconscious) prejudices and how to be free of them in a safe, respectful environment.

Can education help us to be free of prejudice?

Most people don’t think they’re prejudiced, making it essential to confront and address the often unconscious biases that influence our thoughts and actions.

Being aware of our own prejudice allows us to make lasting change.

When we learn to hate and fear because someone else is different, we are caught in prejudice. Prejudice education is vital in fostering greater awareness and empathy, helping students recognize and challenge their own biases while promoting inclusivity and social harmony.

By imparting a deeper understanding of the harmful effects of prejudice and discrimination, it equips us to actively contribute to a more equitable and just society. Teaching students to recognize prejudice and what causes it equips them to develop healthy relationships with themselves and others throughout their entire lives.

Our educational resources use examples from the real world as well as fictional scenarios. Students will learn to recognize prejudice in themselves, media, society, and more.

Prejudice Education Books

Our educational prejudice books explore the roots of prejudice, as well as stereotypes, bigotry, discrimination, scapegoating, racism, and more. They offer profound insights and narratives that illuminate the complexities of bias and discrimination, encouraging students to confront these issues and work towards a more inclusive and empathetic world.

Preventing Prejudice Lessons

Our prejudice education lessons and curricula provide structured and comprehensive approaches to instill awareness, critical thinking, and empathy, equipping students with the tools necessary to prevent bias and foster inclusive communities.

Prejudice Workbooks

Our prejudice education workbooks offer interactive and engaging exercises, scenarios, and thought-provoking activities to empower students to actively challenge and overcome their biases, promoting a more inclusive society.

Prejudice Articles

Explore our articles dedicated to prejudice and learn how to be free of it.