Why is Everybody Always Picking on Us? Book (EN & ES)


Understanding the Roots of Prejudice

For young people concerned about being picked on and teaches them how to peacefully cope with prejudice (and where it begins).

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This book is for young people ages 8 to 14 who are concerned about being picked on. It is filled with sensible advice, creative stories, and exciting insights about how to peacefully cope with prejudice. It will help young people:

  • Learn to be confident when dealing with prejudice
  • Understand where prejudice begins—in our own brain
  • See how prejudice is created by conditioning thinking
  • Resolve conflict peacefully instead of bullying or being bullied

This book is for adults as well. It can offer parents, teachers and counselors:

  • Insights into what motivates prejudice
  • Insights to understand prejudice and its consequences
  • Ways to help young people free themselves of prejudice
  • Techniques to help young people cope with being picked on


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