Why is Everybody Always Picking on Us? Curriculum (EN & ES)


Understanding the Roots of Prejudice

For young people concerned about being picked on and teaches them how to peacefully cope with prejudice (and where it begins).

In today’s world, there is prejudice that creates bullying everywhere – at home, at school, in offices, among nations. There are ongoing attempts to stop the bullying that prejudice creates yet it still goes on. The question we need to ask is what creates this prejudice? Is the cause outside myself – with the “other” – or does it begin in my brain?”

Once we understand how prejudice begins, where it starts – we can stop acting out of it.

When we learn to hate and fear because someone else is different then we are caught in prejudice. Whether it is the color of one’s skin, nationality, gender, sexual preference or religion it only creates pain and suffering.

A curriculum to help young people understand the roots of prejudice.



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