Our Current & Past Projects

Explore some of the many projects the Atrium Society has been involved in since 1984. These projects are focused on BioCognetic Peace Education.

We aim to create a more inclusive and aware global society by providing accessible learning opportunities, fostering understanding, and promoting nonviolent conflict resolution, ultimately working towards a safer world.

Current Project

Conflict Education in South-East Asia & Nepal

Imagine a world where children are denied the right to read and learn. A world where they are left vulnerable to misinformation and manipulation. This is the reality for more than half of the children aged 5-16 in rural Himalayan villages.

The Atrium Society is working with Rajib Timalsina who teaches and travels extensively throughout Asia and abroad, bringing the Atrium Society’s BioCognetic Peace Education to the most vulnerable and in-need.

Current Project

Teacher Training in Nigeria

The Atrium Society is working with the ASHH Foundation, a locally-run non-profit in Nigeria. The ASHH Foundation is training teachers on bully prevention using our curricula and has seen tremendous growth and support since beginning in 2021.

Over the next five years, the ASHH Foundation aims to train 5,000 teachers and reach 100,000 students in BioCognetic Peace Education.

Current Project

MAP STARS Teacher Training

Online training for teachers, parents, and anyone interested in teaching bullying and conflict resolution to children and youth. You can start teaching right away!

Includes direct access to our instructors and step-by-step lessons so that you feel supported.