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Are we born hardwired for war? Does teaching peace education prevent peace? These are just a few important questions to consider when understanding what creates war and prevents peace.

The importance of understanding what creates wars and prevents peace.

The impulse to fight is biologically and genetically built into us for survival — to protect ourselves from a person or group we believe is a threat to us. 

War has been going on for thousands of years. There are ongoing attempts to stop wars, yet they still go on.

The question we need to ask is: “What creates these wars? Is the cause of it outside ourselves – with the “enemy” – or does the battle begin in my brain?” When we see that we are the source of conflict we can make change.

The truth is that the only way to prevent wars is to begin inside ourselves – to see that our conditioned thinking is creating a war in our mind. Prejudicial images of the “enemy” creates war. Our conditioning comes from our brain’s reaction to feeling a threat to its survival. 

Books about War & Peace

We see war as paradoxically necessary for our survival – survival of the fittest. We shun, intimidate, and bully all in the misguided name of survival. What will free us from this incorrect compulsion that divides us? Learn to recognize this conditioned thinking within yourself with our books on war and peace.

War & Peace Curricula

Knowledge, motivated by the primitive brain, separates us and creates conflict. Knowledge won’t free us of our prejudiced thinking, but seeing this compulsion for survival within ourselves will. Our lessons will help you and your students explore and recognize these patterns so that they can change their behavior.

War Prevention Workbooks

Our war prevention workbooks offer interactive and engaging exercises, scenarios, and guidance to help students recognize and address thinking that prevents peace.

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