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Illustration from the Internationally Acclaimed, Award Winning Book Why is Everybody Always Picking On Me? A Guide to Handling Bullies

ABOUT US: Awards and Acclaims


Dr. Webster-Doyle's books are archived in perpetuity at the University of Connecticut's Northeast Children's Literature Collection, Swarthmore College Peace Collection and the University of Southern Mississippi's de Grummond Children's Literature Collection. The work is also on permanent display in the International Museum of Peace and Solidarity in Samarkind, Uzbekistan, the Commonwealth of Independent States, at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Hiroshima Japan and at the Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts, Samara Russia. His books are also archived in perpetuity at No Gun Ri International Peace Foundation, South Korea. They were also chosen as a focus, and highly praised at the International Congress for Teachers for Peace, Paris, France.

  • Awarded the Robert Burns Medal for Literature by Austria's Albert Schweitzer Society, for "outstanding merits in the field of peace-promotion"
  • Invited to the Soviet Union in 1989 by Mrs. Gorbachev and the Soviet Peace fund
  • Acclaimed at the Soviet Peace Fund Conference in Moscow and published in Russia by Moscow's Library of Foreign Literature and Magistr Publications
  • Selected by the International Association of Educators for World Peace for their Central American peace education project in Panama and El Salvador
  • The Youth Peace literacy books are archived in perpetuity at No Gun Ri International Peace Foundation, South Korea
  • Archived at the Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts, Samara Russia
  • On permanent display at the International Museum of Peace and Solidarity in Samarkind, Uzbekistan, the Commonwealth of Independent States.
  • Are We Born Hardwired for War? Is War in our DNA? presented at International Conference of Museums of Peace in South Korea sponsored by the No Gun Ri International Peace Foundation.
  • Dr. Webster-Doyle’s work on peace promotion and solving conflict nonviolently, especially for young audiences, is ground breaking and brilliant! Dr. Michael D. Knox, Chair, US Peace Memorial Foundation
  • Were chosen as a focus, and highly praised at the International Congress for Teachers for Peace, Paris, France.
  • Selected by the National PTA as a recommended resource for parents
  • Endorsed by Scouting Magazine and Sports Illustrated for Kids
  • Ten time Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing - in six consecutive years
  • WHY IS EVERYBODY ALWAYS PICKING ON ME—cited by the Omega New Age Directory as one of the Ten Best Books, for its "atmosphere of universal benevolence and practical application"
  • The book, "Why is Everybody Always Picking on Us?” explores the roots of prejudice. I don't think I've seen another book like it. How wonderful if this book could be used in one's social studies classroom! I have learned where prejudice begins, how it is created, how it is perpetuated, and how it can be resolved. This book looks at stereotypes, bigotry, discrimination, scapegoating, racism, and more. It is a wonderfully comprehensive manual for young people and adults alike on understanding our conditioning and the root of prejudice. - American Pride Through Education
  • Fighting the Invisible Enemy and Tug of War recommended by the Elementary School Library Collection as "fine contributions to materials for children"; both books also chosen by the British Commonwealth Collection - A Selection of Books and Journals on Nonviolence and Social Change
  • Approved by the New York City Board of Education
  • Selected by the American Booksellers Association for its resource listing of "Children's Books About Peace"
  • "These topics are excellent and highly relevant. If each of the major countries of the world were to have ten Drs. Webster-Doyle, world peace is guaranteed to be achieved over a period of just one generation." - Dr. Charles Mercieca, Executive Vice President, International Association of Educators for World Peace, NGO, United Nations (ECOSOC), UNICEF & UNESCO
  • "Every publication from the pen of this author should make a significant   contribution to peace within and without. Highly recommended!" - New Age Publishers and Retailers Alliance Trade Journal
  • The Center for Applied Psychology, Inc. cites Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle as an “eloquent leader of the movement to combine principles of education, psychology, and the martial arts to teach young people to resolve conflict peacefully.”
  • "Webster-Doyle's insight is that by recognizing, understanding, and accepting our violent tendencies, we can avoid acting them out. These new books … are good for teachers and parents of elementary school children who need appropriate language and activities to help children deal with their feelings and the violence-provoking parts of the environment. To this reviewer, they are realistic and practical." - Young Children (Magazine of the National Association for the Education of Young Children)
  • "We use his books and thoroughly endorse the usefulness of his methods which have high potential in schools." - Stewart W. Twemlow, M.D. Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis, Menninger Clinic, Martial Arts School owner
  • "The books of Dr. Webster-Doyle are the first attempt I have seen to explain to young people and adults the concept of martial arts as a peaceful, nonviolent 'way of life' and to give students the tools to accomplish this goal." - Linda Lee Cadwell
  • "Helps young people deal with conflict and violence by describing practical skills for peace." - Holistic Education Review Presented at the 1995 UNESCO-sponsored International Educators for Peace Congress
  • "I realize Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Me? urgency for every child and adult ... My daughter couldn't stop reading it!" - Marina Dubrovskaya, Assistant Director, Dept. of Sociology, Lenin Library, Moscow, Russia
  • "Your book (Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Me?) has really helped me ignore the bullies; and in a way stop bullying others." - 4th grader
  • Presented the National Conference on Peacemaking & Conflict Resolution
  • "The materials were very helpful to the facilitators who conducted the workshop on bullying strategies." - New Jersey State Bar Foundation
  • "Hello Dr. Webster-Doyle, I am a school principal, a parent and martial artist. I just wanted to thank you for this incredible book about how young people become conditioned to be warriors. This is the most unusual book that I have ever bought for my children! And perhaps the most important! I want to tell people that if you are concerned about war and what you can do to help your children understand what creates it then get this book. You could save their lives. Again many thanks for this intelligent peace-educating book." - Dr. Phillip Ramos (Operation Warhawks)
  • Letter to the New Mexico Holocaust & Intolerance Museum Board of Directors, dated August 6, 2008, by the Museum's Director Harold Foley
    "These people are truly extraordinary and their thoughts should be considered as we design the new exhibits. Their message is in part that all creatures have a "flight or fight" instinct that is set in place instantly by frightening experiences. This is in turn perpetuated by exposure, actual or imagined, to any creature that even resembles the object of their fear. The actions of others, and propaganda, strengthen these responses. I talked with these people about their successes in Liberia rehabilitating child "soldiers."

… to name only a few.