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Maze of the Fire Dragon - Tales of the Empty-Handed Masters


Can you escape the Maze of the Fire Dragon? Here is a puzzle for you to figure out:

"You are caught in a maze of never-ending passages. Behind and gaining on you is a Fire Dragon! In front of you, down dark passages, around every corner, are unknown dangers. It is certain that you will be burnt up by the Fire Dragon coming from behind if you cannot escape. So what can you do to avoid being devoured?"

Solve this puzzle and you will understand the most powerful force in all Martial Arts training. Are you ready for an adventure?

"To say that I am pleased and delighted with the context and content of your literature is a complete and total understatement. The fact is, your writings are so unique and different from the average information on the market, that I find myself reading and rereading it for new and refreshing insights."

- C. Morgan Becker, Head Instructor Ho Ban (Lake House) Tang Soo Do Dojang
San Antonio, Florida, USA