Genetic Genocide

Our preliminary inquiries into the cause of human conflict through our work with Liberian children of war for over seven years revealed at first that these young combatants’ brains had been psychologically conditioned to fight people they were told were their enemies because of years of political and economic propaganda.

Later, as our work progressed, we discovered that there was a far deeper biologically primitive impulse inbuilt into their brains, and hence in all human brains, that was the root cause of conflict.

In other words, the biological brain was the source of conflict. It was what creates the divisive psychological conditioning.

This biological instinctual drive has been rooted for eons in the primitive human brain being hardwired for war as a genetically programmed survival instinct – that combat is in our DNA and demands to be exercised. But it is misguided and hence it is therefore preventing survival. The extreme outcome of this genetically erroneous hardwired compulsion to war can be called “genetic genocide.”